PlasticFog is an open source platform that enables IoT apps to support scalable fog-based use cases: 

  • Optimization of large groups of IoT smart things For example, with PlasticFog it is possible to optimize the behavior of smart transport vehicles, Smart City infrastructure, mobile robots, delivery drones, and so forth. Even if your apps already support IoT group management, PlasticFog can enhance your offerings by adding truly optimal decision making, via a network edge-based architecture that reacts quickly to the environment and scales without uploading Big Data or overloading networks.
  • Big Fog AI You can build large-scale machine learning apps on top of PlasticFog, just like you would create any other application. For example, you can create a deep learning app that utilizes PlasticFog’s widely-distributed optimization methods, in order to generate predictive models that can solve large-scale problems, such as traffic flow problems, delivery drone task assignment optimization, and so forth.
  • Data privacy protection PlasticFog is able to optimize and learn from IoT device groups without uploading private or sensitive data. For example, a scooter rental company can provide insights to a Smart City, without sharing the actual raw data. Or, a military drone operation can optimize the task assignments for the individual drones, without the need for the drones to broadcast their geolocation or other operationally sensitive data.
  • Fast responsiveness at the network edge PlasticFog is a fog/edge-based solution (although you might have a cloud-based command-and-control center, or other cloud-based components, as desired). Because PlasticFog primarily operates close to the edge, it can enable your apps to respond quickly to changes in the environment, or any other types of state changes that affect operations at the network edge.
  • Reduced costs for Big Data and network traffic  With PlasticFog, you do not need to upload Big Data. Nevertheless, PlasticFog is able to solve the “overall problem” which requires a wholistic view your entire application state. With PlasticFog’s advanced algorithms, it is possible to solve large-scale problems while still minimizing network traffic and Big Data costs.
  • Better economic model for your apps: Scale down Big Data… Scale up Big Fog
  • Consulting and development services available from PlasticFog Technology
  • PlasticFog works in conjunction with the highly-regarded COIN-OR Foundation and is closely associated with research that is conducted at Lehigh University (PA)

To get started, see the PlasticFog Developer Guide.