Open Source IoT Edge Optimization Platform


PlasticFog is a powerful, open source, software platform that enables your apps to perform data analytics directly on IoT devices, smart sensors/actuators, and network edge servers. It is particularly focused on optimizing the behaviors and interactions of large numbers of IoT devices, such as robots, drones, and other autonomous systems.

With PlasticFog, your apps can discover knowledge at the network edge, and optionally combine insights across large numbers of network edge nodes, while generating only minimal network traffic. Edge analytics helps you to reduce the costs and effort associated with big data, heavy network utilization, and the ongoing fees for cloud (or data center) software, infrastructure, and services. Edge analytics is also useful when your apps need to rapidly respond to real world events directly where IoT data is generated: at the network edge.

PlasticFog is a very powerful, fully functional, free, business-friendly open source software solution. It is massively scalable, reliable, and secure. And it is a proven solution for real world applications. PlasticFog offers a well-designed set of APIs, along with out-of-the-box support for a wide variety of operating systems, hardware platforms, and network protocols.

With PlasticFog, you can easily control IoT device behaviors with a powerful, easy-to-use, JSON-oriented, embedded scripting language:

  • Easily create and customize edge analytics algorithms (or use the analytical libraries of your choice)

  • Control data acquisition scheduling and sampling rates

  • Perform embedded database queries for any type of data (stored as JSON objects directly within embedded databases)

  • Complete control over data filtering and uploading

  • Easily create specialized algorithms for combining analytical results across devices

  • Utilize hundreds of built-in functions, including mathematical formulas, string and array processing, and much more

  • Dynamically update scripts in fielded devices using over-the-air (OTA) updates, and on-device compilation to byte codes

  • Well-designed scripting snippets are provided for the Visual Studio Code editor, enabling easy customization of scripted device behaviors

Clear, in-depth, comprehensive developer documentation is provided, including step-by-step tutorials for setting up the complete infrastructure, along with a sample app, either on a laptop or on Amazon AWS. Consulting, training, and software development services are available from The PlasticFog Group.

Currently in stealth mode. PlasticFog beta 1 is expected early in 2017.