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PlasticFog can optimize the behaviors of thousands of IoT devices, such as drones, robots, micro-satellites, driverless vehicles and more.  And, PlasticFog can do this in a decentralized way that leverages the Uber-like “trust-less” world of Blockchain.

The entire world is evolving quickly toward a new model where swarms of IoT end nodes — in Blockchain parlance, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) — need to coordinate and optimize their overall behaviors in order to solve problems. What types of problems? Almost anything you can think of that can benefit from fleets of autonomous nodes working together. In the next few years, this type of solution will be needed everywhere, in all industries, and all over the world.

However, this is a hard type of problem to solve.  …if you want to do so cheaply, without massive data centers and cloud services that continually upload and crunch oceans of data.

PlasticFog utilizes a completely unique, patent-pending approach, which will be the most cost-effective way to optimize the overall behaviors of swarms of IoT nodes in the diverse, decentralized, and “trust-less” Blockchain world that is now emerging.


Stan Stringfellow at a PlasticFog promotional booth (IoT Data & AI Summit).



Stan Stringfellow, Founder/CEO PlasticFog Group



At the Internet of Things World conference, pre-announcing PlasticFog:



From the PlasticFog patent spec: