Please Note: The Beta version of PlasticFog is due to be released in July 2019. These sections will be filled out prior to the release.

Components of a PlasticFog App

  • Kaa Architecture
  • Kaa Process Flow
  • PlasticFog Protocol
  • PlasticFog Commands
  • COIN-OR Packed Arrays
  • Device-side Database and Query Language

Designing a MILP

  • Overview
  • Designing the Objective
  • Designing Constraints
  • Integer vs. Floating Point Variables

Designing a Decomposed MILP

  • Overview of RMP and Subproblems
  • Designing Subproblems
  • Designing Linking Constraints
  • Setting up the PlasticFog Protocol Handler

Scaling the Solution

  • Scaling Kaa horizontally
  • Fitting Linked d-MILP Hierarchies to IoT structures
  • Warm Starting
  • Cutting Planes
  • Tree Search Methods
  • Custom Algorithms for Subproblems

PlasticFog Services and Support

  • How we can help
  • Contact info